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Constellation Space Program (0/145) / 0
NASA has formed the Constellation Program to achieve the objectives of maintaining American presence in low Earth orbit, returning to the Moon for purposes of establishing an outpost, and laying the foundation to explore Mars and beyond in the first half of the 21st century. The Constellation Program's heritage rests on the successes and lessons learned from NASA's previous human spaceflight programs: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS).
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Termite Control Maryland (0/142) / 0
Offers pest control and extermination services including termite control and extermination services. Affordable Pest's professional exterminators can treat termites and other pests and rodents.
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Mag-Wind Informational Blog (0/139) / 0
Enviro Energies has developed the Mag-Wind Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Or VAWT). The Mag-Wind is an affordable, sensible, real-world solution to our current energy crises.
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Video Inspection Microscopes (0/137) / 0
We encourage all prospective clients to call us. We would like to discuss your application with you. It may be that a video zoom microscope is not the best system for your specific application. If not, we can provide a wide variety of other microscopy equipment, such as zoom stereoscopic microscopes on upright stands and boom stands.
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Veterinary Microscopes (0/135) / 0
Veterinary Microscopes .com is your source for good quality microscopy equipment for use in a veterinary laboratory, animal clinic, or veterinary college. Select from several models of microscopes to best fit your need. If looking for a simple microscope for dog breeding or looking at a more complex microscopy system for doing veterinary wet labs and analyzing animal diseases, we have the quality microscope you need.
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Home School Sciences (0/135) / 0
Quality research works comes from quality work. And quality work is made possible through quality instruments such as the high power microscopes. High power microscopy has continually evolved from a simple microscope to the present high-powered high quality microscopes. This website is wholly dedicated to answering your queries about microscopes and high power microscopy.
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Aviation Dictionary (0/134) / 0
Aviation dictionary is the only glossary for your hobby! Learn about aviation terms, airport codes and airline flight codes
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Testwall Test & Measurement (0/128) / 0
We offer a wide selection of used and refurbished test & measurement equipment from manufacturer’s like Agilent/HP, Tektronix, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz, Fluke, Keithley and JDSU/Acterna
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Oil Spill Containment Boom (0/124) / 0
EnviroSolutions offers clients a substantial range of Spill Control, Parts Cleaning and Water Treatment services and products. A range of oil spill containment equipment including Spill Kits, Containment Boom, Oil Skimmers and absorbents are available and can be coupled with site audits and training. Parts Cleaning machines, Oil water separators and Water recycling systems are integrated with scheduled servicing and waste collection to make up our Complete Workshop Package.
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האתר לסטודנטים למחשבים (0/121) / 0
באתר לסטודנטים למחשבים אפשר למצוא חומר בחינם, תרגילים, סיכומים, מבחנים וחומרי לימוד בכל מה שקשור לסטודנטים למחשבים והכל בחינם, האתר נפתח ע"י מנחם פרלמן והכל מוצע בחינם
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